Manitoulin Wind development moves ahead on land and under water

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Ontario Wind Resistance

manitoulin baseManitoulin Expositor
MANITOULIN ISLAND—As evidenced by the large barge in the North Channel or numerous cement trucks headed to and from the Green Bush, construction is well underway on the McLean’s Mountain Wind Limited Partnership’s (a joint project between Mnidoo Mnising Power General Partnership Inc. and Northland Power Inc.) wind farm. The Expositor met with site manager Stan Stret last week for an interview and a first hand look at the construction of the 24-turbine wind farm.

manitoulin1 barge“Right now there are a lot of elements of the construction going on,” began Mr. Stret. “We have completed six of the cement wind turbine foundations, while other sites are in the process of being excavated and some are placing the rebar.” Mr. Stret explained that the foundations are created in four main steps, which include the excavation of the site, placing of the rebar, the pouring of the cement foundation and backfilling…

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