About Us

Wind Concerns Ontario is a coalition of individuals and grassroots citizen’s groups from across Ontario. Wind Concerns Ontario is incorporated with Industry Canada, and receives no funding other than membership fees and donations. 

We are a strictly volunteer organization and, save for legal advisors, rely on the dedicated work of members of citizen groups throughout Ontario.

Our Leadership Team

  • President – Jane Wilson
  • Vice-president – Parker Gallant
Board of Directors
Wind Concerns Ontario has a Board consisting of nine members currently representing all areas of Ontario.
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Wind Concerns Ontario is a province-wide advocacy organization whose mission is to protect the health, safety and quality of life of the people of Ontario from industrial wind turbines.

We are not affiliated with nor receive funding from any industrial or political entity.Wind Concerns Ontario provides a strong, unified voice of opposition to the unchecked rush of locating thousands of massive industrial wind turbines across the province which are too close to human habitation and are without the benefit of full environmental assessment.

Wind Concerns Ontario supports responsible, environmentally sound solutions to our energy demands and environmental challenges. However, plans supported by the Green Energy Act to locate industrial wind power plants at an accelerated schedule, with even less oversight are tearing apart the very fabric of rural Ontario. Along with transformers, transmission lines, overhead distribution wires and substations these industrial wind turbines threaten people and the environment in serene, historic, rural communities, on prime agricultural land, migratory bird paths and close to sensitive wetlands, designated wildlife areas and pristine shorelines.

Wind Concerns Ontario is committed to informing the people of Ontario as to the many concerns surrounding industrial wind power.

Wind Concerns Ontario’s policy

  1. No new FIT contracts or project approvals 
  2. Cancel projects with FIT contracts not yet approved*
  3. Enforcement of existing audible noise standards 
  4. Develop regulations related to low frequency noise and infrasound 
  5. Compensation for the impact of turbine operations on neighbours 

Did you Know?

  • Industrial wind turbines and industrial wind development is not about saving the environment or promoting health.
  • Industrial wind turbines are an inharmonious use of the land when sited near people’s homes.
  • Large-scale wind turbines used for power generation are NOT an agricultural use of the land.
  • The Green Energy Act has removed the democratic right of Ontario’s municipalities to plan for such developments, and protect the property rights and health of their residents.
  • Wind power generation in Ontario is heavily supported by the subsidy program called the Feed In Tariff or FIT program. Subsidies average $500,000 per year, per turbine.
  • If wind power generation projects were forced to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine their contribution, including property value loss and other factors, they would not be economically viable. The Auditor-General for Ontario in his 2011 report said that NO cost-benefit analysis or business case study has ever been done for Ontario’s green energy program.
  • There ARE health effects from industrial wind turbines due to the environmental noise and vibration they produce. Sleep disturbance produces sleep deprivation which in turn can cause headaches, high blood pressure and other symptoms.
  • Industrial level wind energy is expensive and unreliable; other means such as conservation and using technology to improve existing power generating facilities and transmission would help meet Ontario’s power needs better.
  • The European experience with wind power generation is “not as advertised.” Other countries have more stringent setbacks, and have also learned that the job creation was not as forecast, and higher electricity prices for business and consumers actually harms the economy. Several are reversing their subsidies for wind power.
*A Feed In Tariff or FIT contract is not a guarantee of a full Renewable Energy Approval or REA, it is merely the first step on the approval process.

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    Betty Konc. Alderman Wainfleet township said:
    October 5, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    Would facilitating a meeting of all the municipalities that have requested a moratorium to do some brainstorming be beneficial?? We know there will be an election in the spring, and the feeling at Queens Park is that the Liberals will not get back into power. So whatever these 70 plus communities could come up with may be too late to accomplish anything. Again would this be a wise thing to try to do and would this group be willing to organize it??

    Bruce Robb said:
    July 30, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Where do I sign up to help?

    john brands said:
    April 26, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    why are wind farm corporations not mandated to hold reserve trust monies to cover
    the millions of dollars in maintenance costs once their manufacturers warranties have

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